A Better Glue Dispenser Z-Blog 4

A couple of weeks ago I looked for my tube of Gorilla glue to mend a chair. I had used the tube perhaps twice, not even ten percent of the contents. The remainder of the glue was rock solid. I was able to salvage enough for my small job by drilling into the middle of the tube where there was just enough liquid glue to complete the task. That is one problem with viscus products. A few days later I needed some wood glue and the bottle was nearly empty. I had a level of a time rescuing the few teaspoons full I needed for the job underway.

In short, I am constantly frustrated by viscous products such as adhesives, caulking and toothpaste, that are hard to get out of tubes, do not deplete the entire tube or dry out in the bottle or tube before they can be consumed, especially glues and caulking, hence delaying or preventing future use.

Here is a possible solution. Construct a dispenser made from plastic with a good “memory”. That is, it is pliable but returns to its original shape after pressing, like most shampoo bottles. The dispenser will also have a one way valve to permit the entry of air and an “O” ring to prevent air leaking out. The product would be sold in pliable plastic bags akin to milk bags. The bag would be snapped into the dispenser and a nozzle would close on and open the bag. Squeezing on the dispenser would compress the air in between the wall of the dispenser and the plastic bag holding the product, forcing the product out the nozzle. Rather than remain at the bottom of the tube or bottle when nearly empty, it would constantly b e forced out by the air. When the bag is empty, it is removed and replaced with new product. A screw or snap-on cap would be used between applications.

Now that hamburger and hot dog season is upon us, such dispenses might equally work for mustard, ketchup and relish. I relish the though of someday not having to fight with container to release their remaining contents.



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